BMW i8 Cruises into Mission Impossible movie

Unites Entertainment and adrenaline
 Maybe you're a fan of the movie Mission Impossible, with live action that could raise the adrenal. Maybe you also a fan of unique cars with futuristic design. Did you know that BMW understands tastes of people like this. BMW then create the policy, by including award-winning car is the BMW i8 into the movie Mission Impossible.

The fourth Mission Impossible spy film may well be called 'Ghost Protocol', but when protagonist Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) pulls-up to a Mumbai party at the wheel of a new BMW i8 Concept, he’s anything but invisible. The futuristic lines of the Vision EfficientDynamics sports car and eye-catching silver, black and blue colour scheme gives Hunt a real head-turning entrance.

TheChargingPoint.com got a pre-release glimpse of the film at a private screening at the London IMAX courtesy of BMW. The film’s plot chronicles Hunt and his team’s struggle to stop a madman from wreaking apocalyptic nuclear mayhem on earth. And this is just the latest in BMW’s 75-year history of featuring its vehicles in movies.

In 'Ghost Protocol', the i8’s sporty design and dynamic character is enhanced by indulgent camera work, and some of the car’s new technology is also highlighted. In the night-time city driving scenes, the concept’s aggressive front-end is showcased, with the trick LED and laser headlights in full view.

Laser lights have huge advantages over LEDs; they use less than half the energy and the light intensity is a thousand times higher. Additionally, a laser diode is one hundred times smaller than an LED diode.

The audience is also given an impressive working display of the car as it takes part in an-against-the-clock sprint through downtown Mumbai, while Hunt and fellow agent Jane Carter (Paula Patton) try to stop evil Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) activating a nuclear missile via satellite. The driving highlights demonstrate lightning-quick agility and hugely impressive bursts of speed.

For the record, the i8 is a plug-in hybrid concept, combining the modified electric drive system from the BMW i3 – fitted over its front axle – with a high-performance three-cylinder combustion engine producing 220 horsepower and 300Nm (221lb-ft) of torque at the rear.

Some of the car’s interior functions are featured in the film, too, notably a touch-screen controlled satellite navigation system. This is projected onto the car’s windscreen and operated by Carter, enabling the spy duo to cleverly locate the enemy. The feature is based on BMW’s ConnectedDrive technology, which enables drivers to integrate data from the car, driver and surroundings with an all-encompassing network of interactive information.
“We are thrilled to be involved again in another Hollywood blockbuster,” said Ian Robertson, BMW AG Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “The BMW Group leads the way in developing future mobility with a focus on sustainability. One great example is the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car. With its futuristic design and large glass surfaces, the car offers a fascinating perspective on the future of sheer driving pleasure. Also with BMW ConnectedDrive technology, it is the perfect car for Ethan Hunt to outsmart his pursuers through narrow streets and busy city traffic.”

Missions: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will be released in UK cinemas on Boxing Day 2011.


Arnab Maity said...

Good bit of info, I haven't seen the movie yet, need to check out this mean machine there.


masonvilion said...

I have seen this movie. BMW i8 is really looking stunning and incredible in this movie. This one is really one of luxurious car of this brand. I am really surprised to see the outlook and impression look of that one. Thanks for sharing.

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